Cartoonist | Illustrator | Painter

Based in the UK

What Is To be Done?

What Is To be Done? is a showcase of Russian and Eastern European artists, writers, composers and intellectuals—mostly past but some very much still present. Their work, taken altogether, may be seen to transcend the ever-shifting historical borders of the region and the appalling wars and conflicts those disputed boundaries have given rise to—most recently in Ukraine.

James Joyce Book

Written and illustrated for Festival Bloomsday Montréal and published in 2022 to commemorate the centenary of the publication of Ulysses (1922), the great modernist novel by Irish writer James Joyce. With over seventy caricatures of Joyce and his immediate circle, the book also includes artists and intellectuals up to the present day. Each illustration is accompanied by a short explanatory text.

All illustrations have been executed in pencil and ink using traditional dip pens, with some marker and watercolour.