Busy Bixente

(a brief biography)

Busy Bixente was born in a now-derelict (and long forgotten) village near Tende in the Alpes-Maritime department of southeastern France.  

Artist, raconteur (and bloviating boor), Busy has been described by the world’s arts authorities in terms too appalling to bear repeating, including, most fittingly, as un connard. In fact, Busy Bixente was expelled from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts for staging his multidisciplinary installation (& 72 hour danceathon) “Le Vrai Connardisme”, in seven of Paris’s arrondissements without permission from the municipal authorities. 

He is wanted for questioning by police in 16 countries, never says no to fancy dress and is always kind to others …

Connard (def): bâtard, enfoiré, enculé, oaf, jerk, arsehole
(… and far worse …)

  Busy Bixente. Early pencil and ink sketch.